For at least the last four years I have thought about starting a blog, one of the main things stopping me was anxiety that friends and family would find and read it and make fun of. Now that I have grown up a bit I realize that was silly of me and now regret not starting sooner. Another factor is that I had no idea what on earth to write about, something interesting and original? no way, So I decided to just write about something I'm interested in, in the hopes that others are interested too.

This blog will be mainly focused on my finance journey and will follow me along with my mission to hopefully eventually reach FIRE (Financial Independence & Retire Early). This will be no easy feat! I also hope to learn more and more about personal finance as I go along and share anything that I do learn here.

I have and will continue to update my resources page where I'll list my favourite apps, books, tools, and podcasts.
This being my first post and not knowing how or what to write at this point, I will leave it at that as not to waffle on. I hope this is the first of many to come.

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