Happy Monday everyone, I thought it would be a good idea for me to post my current investment portfolio and my monthly budget. That way I can track/share my progress on the blog. I haven't decided whether I will do this monthly or quarterly yet but I will see how it goes for a couple of months and decide from there. 

I imagine quarterly will likely make more sense, as I am not on a high income the monthly growth will not be that significant. 


With the new financial year fast approaching, my goals for the up and coming financial year are as follows.

  • Max out LISA contribution (£4k)
  • Reach 3 emergency fund goal (£1.8k, currently £1.5k)
  • Reach 6 emergency fund goal (£3.6k)
  • Fill up my car maintenance pot (£500, currently at £250)
  • Reach £50k net worth (Currently £39,942)


The majority of my investments are in stocks & shares, I like the medium risk involved while also getting relatively high returns. Some of my investments top out at ~19% interest which I never even imagined to be possible. That being said, some of them are as low as 2.4% although still smashing the rate of inflation so I cannot complain at all. The chart below illustrates my portfolio breakdown in terms of fund weight and is not a representation of the interest rate (of course!).

Pie chart with a breakdown of portfolio funds.
Portfolio Funds

One of my concerns with my portfolio is that it is largely EU/UK based, which in hindsight is not very diverse of me. In the future, I plan to spread my roots more into the Asian and American markets. Not to say that the UK and EU are poor sectors, more so that it's generally a good rule of thumb to be as diverse as possible to reduce risk. The chart below illustrates my portfolio breakdown in terms of sector spread.

Pie chart with a breakdown of portfolio sectors.
Investment Sectors

I also enjoy investing some of my spare cash in crypto, this is mainly for fun but I also firmly believe that at least one of the altcoins that I have invested in will blow up eventually. While crypto definitely isn't a complete gamble, the risk is very high and so I only spend what I can afford to lose, I treat it as a sort of lottery ticket but my chances of winning are significantly higher. I'm hoping that either BAT or ANKR become a golden ticket, both have great potential and I have been following them both for quite some time now. I won't delve into details here because I am no crypto expert and I don't want to make a complete fool of myself (more than I probably already do). You can read the white papers for BAT and ANKR for more information if you're interested. You can see my Crypto portfolio for Coinbase and Binance in the chart below.

Pie chart with a breakdown of crypto portfolio.
Pie chart with a breakdown of crypto portfolio.


My total assets are:

Cash: £2,050

Emergency Fund: £1,560

Crypto: £1,320

SIPP: £1,900

LISA: £11,050

Trading: £149

S&S ISA: £21,912

Total: £39,941 (So close to £40k!)

Still getting used to being comfortable and open with my finances, it's one thing talking about them and its another actually writing it down for other people to see. It's a strange feeling and almost feels wrong, I guess money can be a taboo subject to a lot of people, I'm sure I'll get over it soon enough.

I hope everyone has had a good month so far, it's my birthday this month... 24 years old, time is flying by.

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as always, thanks for reading.

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