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about me

My name is Laurence, I'm 23  I have an interested in IT and Finance. The purpose of this blog is to record my journey to FIRE (Financial Independence & Retire Early).

I'm currently 6 years into a career in the armed forces and live in married quarters with my partner and daughter. The plan is to wait for my partner to finish university before buying our first home together. I already have a pretty solid deposit saved up but have a good few years of saving left before we will look to buy. This website is home to my blog and will also be where I share resources such as apps, tools and books that i recommend for others on their FIRE journey. I would also like to eventually turn this page into an alternate source of income in the future if it performs well.


  • Create a second income 🎯
  • Visit: New-Zealand, Iceland & Canada 🎯
  • Reach 50k savings 🎯
  • Buy first home 🎯
  • Reach 100k savings 🎯
  • Buy second home (to rent?) 🎯
  • Retire before 55 🎯


Some things that I am working on to help me achieve FIRE:
1. ✍️ Build and write a blog, mainly for fun but would be nice to be able to monetize it in the future and use it as a side income of sorts.

2. 🌐 I have been working on my web development skills recently and have slowly been building a website portfolio, I plan to turn this into one of my main sources of income once I have reached a point where I can start charging for my services.